Backbarrow, Cumbria (Formerly Lancashire)

Entryway sign to Backbarrow, Lancaster

Beautiful River Rushing through Backbarrow

Goats near Backbarrow

Lovely countryside Between Backbarrow and Ulverston

Merry XMAS December 2009

Lancashire, original home of our Barrow family, is very beautiful. Rugged, wooded country overlooking a large bay. Very high hills and mountains in the lake country.

It was a very large county when our original Barrows left in the 1600's, and included the area south in Manchester and north to Barrows-in-Furness. These areas have now been taken out of Lancashire and put in other counties.

Lancashire had about 150,000 people in the early 1600's.  The same geographic area now has over 5 million people.

We don't know what part of Lancashire the Barrows originated from. I theorize that they may have come from a Village or area with the name Barrow - Hence our visits to Backbarrow and Barrow-in-Furness. But there are other areas that also had that name - so who knows?

There are parish records going back to about 1590, marriages, christenings, deaths.  Many of them have been typed and printed and are in local libraries. I looked at some of them in the Lancaster Central Library. Lots of Barrow entries. If someone had the time and interest he may be able to tie it back to the Barrow brothers if they were born in Lancashire and if the Parish records were preserved.

Backbarrow is a beautiful place, with a large fast river running through it. There was a mill on the river - there is now a nice hotel, but closed in this winter from a flood.

Ulverston where Baron Barrow has his monument high on the Hill (The Hoad) also very nice.

Hotel in Backbarrow