Lancashire - Barrow Family Origins

Beth Ruyle (Barrow) Hullinger and Craig Hullinger traveled to England to check out her Barrow family roots in December 2009.  Beth was adopted, and knew nothing about her roots until 2008.  She now has a sister Serena Windham and a number of cousins.

One of her family names was Barrow. The Barrow family association has a good deal of information about the Barrow family, who have been distinguished both in the United States and in the United Kingdom.

Not much is known about the location or ancestry of our first ancestral immigrant, other then that his name was Thomas Barrow, he arrived in Virginia in the early 1600's, and that he originated from Lancashire. 

Lancashire is a lovely area on the northwest coast of England. While we were there it snowed every day, which slowed down our touring efforts.  But we will continue to try to learn more about our Barrow ancestors and cousins and add to this blog as we get more information.

After arriving in the County of Lancashire we took a brief look at areas of concentrations of Barrows.  The County seat is Lancaster, and that is where we started our Barrow search.  We found a number of Barrows listed in the on line telephone book.  

Hugh Barrow was the Vicar (Pastor) of the large historic downtown church in 1660.  The telephone book indicates a large number of Barrows in the north part of Lancashire, part of which has been transferred to the County of Cumbria, but was part of the County of Lancashire when the 1600's.

We plan to travel to the towns of Ulverston, home of Baron Barrow, Blackbarrow, and Barrow-in-Furness. It seems likely that a number of Barrows would have immigrants to the US from this area, including our ancestor.